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The story of the Brands
Michelle Berezan is a teacher. She is a teacher of kindness and compassion to her four beautiful children. She is a teacher to people suffering from addictions as a certified addictions counsellor. She is a teacher to people suffering from perinatal/postpartum depression, disordered eating, stress, and anxiety as a registered clinical counsellor.
She is a teacher to the masses as a best-selling author and creator of the Peace Power Passion course, in which she helps individuals break through their mental blocks and discover a more joyous way of living. She also uses her experience as a mother of high-spirited children and multiples to pass on firsthand knowledge of how to overcome stressful parenting situations and build a strong family unit.


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Michelle has spoken at residential dependency treatment centres about her own journey of overcoming addiction as well as on improving one’s own life condition through personal accountability and giving back. Along with other charitable endeavours, Michelle makes it a priority to be of service both locally and abroad through her foundation SWAG (Service Work Around the Globe). She continues to speak out about improving your life after addiction and perinatal depression in her latest book, which should be finished shortly.